Front End Developer (React)

React FrontEnd JavaScript

Daxx is looking for Front End Developer to become a part of Daxx Development team. Work directly with client on creating products, enjoy and build your successful career!

Customer is Dutch sales organization which is looking for a Developer to help in further automation of our business. The project is built around sale workflow and includes supplier API integration, routine operations automatization (document printing, personnel management, etc.) and other services targeted to achieve outstanding efficiency for all company departments. The planned expansion includes energy, insurance, legal advice and other practical workflows.
Project technology stack:
React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Jest, CSS Modules, Babel, Webpack, npm scripts

Intermediate English is required!
Technical skills:
— 2+ years of experience
— experience working with large complex codebases
— knowledge in algorithms, data structures
— knowledge in JavaScript (inheritance system, closures, event loop, async stuff — callbacks, promises etc. ES2015+ is must — from “let” and “const” to generators)
— experience with one of modern web framework (Angular, Ember, React etc.)
— knowledge in styling (CSS syntax, selectors weight, nested selectors, pseudo-selectors etc.)
— experience with Single Page Applications
— knowledge in client-server communication
— knowledge in DVCS (Git / Hg / ... — be able to commit and push, managing history)
— experience with any bug-tracker and task management systems
— experience with any package manager (bower / npm etc.)
“Soft skills”:
— strong analytical and logical thinking
— searching skills (ability to find information in Internet — don’t laugh, it’s not so easy for many people!)
— independence (able to solve tasks if all business requirements provided.)
— responsibility (if not all requirements provided — be responsible to get them from PM/team-lead or even customer!)
— communication skills (on stand-ups, in bug tracker, in team, personally)

Good to have:
— experience with one of build tool/bundler: (Gulp / Browserify / Webpack / Rollup etc.)
— knowledge in browser work under the hood
— functional programming (filter / map / reduce, pure functions, carrying etc.)
— design patterns

Company offers:
— Direct cooperation with customer,
— Dedicated HR/ Client Manager,
— Regular performance reviews,
— Competitive Salary, medical insurance, 20 working days vacation,
— Regular corporate events, team buildings, etc.

Наши Представители

Tatyana Nikolenko
Kiev HR/Client Manager