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Oleksii Bezverkhyi
Kiev HR/Client Manager

Middle Symfony Developer


About us: Daxx is a leading Dutch IT company that offers dedicated team IT services to international IT companies working with the latest technologies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Daxx has offices in Kyiv, Kharkov, and Dnepr. Daxx offers an exciting and comfortable environment to work in with interesting clients and interesting projects.



Minimum level
5.3/5.6, type casting, type juggling, autoloading, OOP, PSR, simple design patterns (Singleton, Factory, Registry), Symfony 2 basics, Composer

Desired level
7, reflection, advanced design patterns, symfony 3, most commonly used bundles, job queueing, PHPUnit


Minimum level
CSS3, HTML5, validators, vanilla JS, jQuery, Angular 1.5 basics

Desired level
LESS/SASS, NPM + bower, grunt/gulp, webpack, babel, websockets


Minimum level
UNIX-user, ability to set up working environment by oneself is a must, understaning of www principles, TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP basics, Apache basics

Desired level
Google Cloud Platform, SSH, SSL certificates


Minimum level
MySQL/PgSQL familiarity, understanding of relations mechanism

Desired level
Stored procedures, transactions, views, functions, sharding, replicaition; Redis/Mongo


Minimum level
Jira + Confluence

Desired level
Travis, Scrutinizer, Atlassian Suite, CI/CD, Docker/Vagrant, RabbitMQ

The company offers:
- Work in distributed agile teams with the right processes in place;
- Direct cooperation with the customer;
- Dedicated HR-Client Manager and Agile Coach to help you succeed;
- Regular performance reviews with the customer facilitated by HR;
- Agile trainings and mentorship programs, various tech trainings, conferences participation and English classes;
- Regular corporate events, team pizza lunches and Friday company breakfasts;
- Competitive salary and benefits package that includes wide medical insurance, 20 vacation days, 10 sick leaves.

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