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Anton Osypa
Kiev Recruiter

Middle C++/JavaScript Developer


About the Company

2 year old company based in California, USA. They are a team of tech & gaming veterans that created the original Yahoo! Games. This startup is strongly backed by early investors of WhatsApp. They currently have 12 engineers and 1 product/business leader.

The product is a messenger app that allows users to play full multiplayer games seamlessly while chatting, without needing to download the games separately. 

About the Projects

You will be working on multiplayer games that will run inside of our messenger application. Each game will vary in size based on the type of game: smaller games may be 1-2 months, larger games will be longer.

All games are built directly on multiplayer games platform. It is a Javascript based multiplayer game engine, running inside of an Android or iOS messenger application (Chrome V8 Engine)

We expect you to code with attention to quality and efficiency: you will be expected to test your work thoroughly before submitting as complete, and with minimal code size, CPU runtime, and memory footprint. All games are running in a very constrained Javascript environment on a mobile device -- our player’s phone batteries will suffer greatly if we aren’t efficient, and our network expenses will be greater if we waste space.

We approach all games from an engineering perspective: logic and protocols are of primary importance. You will have to make temporary decisions on user interface or layout -- a complete game design is not always available. Being comfortable with “Developer Art” or temporary, to-be-replaced animations and design work are important for success. Get the core of the game done, then we can iterate on making it look nicer.

We are specifically avoiding certain existing technologies for our games: we will specifically avoid Cocos-2d, Unity, and other game development frameworks. They do not make sense for our situation and are not interesting for us.

Documentation is available, and certainly communication with the team to ask questions and learn the system is great.

About the Process

We use agile with 2 week sprints. There are 2 meetings per week to review progress in the sprint, and to show a demo of results achieved at the end.

JIRA is our issue tracker. We use Git heavily for technical documentation. Team communication is using Slack, Skype, and Email.


● Experience in a “C-family” language: C, C++

             ○ Games are written in Javascript, but a foundation in C, C++

● Proactive : always be coding

● Intelligent : figure things out quickly by yourself

● Good written and spoken English

● Strong, minimalist software design skills

              ○ KISS : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle

              ○ YAGNI : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_aren't_gonna_need_it

              ○ Don’t rely on other people’s frameworks: Build your own

Nice to Have

● Experience with OpenGL

● Game development experience

● Experience with Javascript

● Experience with GL including Shaders

● Affinity with Linux



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