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Nina Alexandrova
Dnepr Branch Manager. HR/Client Manager

ASP.Net Developer with Silverlight experience

Daxx is looking for ASP.Net Developer with Silverlight experience to work in Dnipropetrovsk. Become a member of international team of our client. Work directly with the client, learn,enjoy and build your successful career. Daxx is a Dutch company and market leader in The Netherlands in nearshore software development services.

Daxx client teams work as integrated part of the IT departments of our abroad based clients. Being part of the Daxx team and being part of the clients internal development team offers you exiting opportunities and interesting work environment.

About a Company:

Position is opened at our Customer team with Location in Dnipropetrovsk. The company is the US industry leader in:
-    Fabrication and computerized of bulk weigh scale
-    Automation of truckprocessing at Ethanol and Grain facilities
-    PLC equipment automation
-    Enterprise Logistics for inventory and Rail Traffic Management
The company is lead by applying technology to reduce customer’s cost of doing business. Most of our products are ondustry first, wich is appreciated by our customers and is the benchmark for the competition.


  • Hands-on experience with Silverlight or WPF (knowledge of XAML, MVVM pattern, styles, data templates, dependency properties, ICommand pattern)
  • Unit testing and experience is very much desired. For example, working with some formal unit testing framework (MbUnit, NUnit, jUnit, xUnit, MsTest etc.)
    -    Preferably experience with TDD or even BDD (we use SpecFlow combined with Gherkin language)
  • Experience with mocking frameworks (Rhino Mocks, MoQ, NMock, Typemock etc.)
    -    Also nice if they know about the Code Contracts introduced in .NET 4.0
  • Solid knowledge of core .NET technologies
    -    Generics
    -    Interfaces
    -    Delegates
    -    Lambdas
    -    XML Comments
    -    Reflection (nice, but not required)
    -    LINQ
    -    WCF
    -    Regular expressions
  • Good understanding of the design patterns and OO best practices
    -    Experience or at least understanding of Dependency Injection / Inversion of Control would be very nice (we use Windsor Castle, but could be)
    -    Separation of concerns (UI is separate from business logic, small classes, Single Responsibility Principle etc.)
    -    Exception handling best practices
  • Also nice if candidates are at least familiar with the following:
    -    Knowledge of ADO.NET or some other Data Access Layer for working with SQL Server 
    -    ORM frameworks (NHibernate, Spring, Entity Framework etc.)
    -    AOP (aspect-oriented programming)
    -    DSL (domain-specific languages)

Our benefits:

  • A professional environment with great people to work with!
  • •Opportunities to make a difference, to develop and grow
  • Work in distributed agile teams with the right processes in place
  • Your opinion matters. You are encouraged to contribute to the processes in the team and the end product architecture
  • Direct cooperation with the customer
  • Regular business trips to work on-site
  • Dedicated HR-client Manager and agile coach to help you succeed
  • Regular performance reviews with the customer facilitated by HR
  • Agile trainings and mentorship programs, various tech trainings, conferences participation and English classes
  • Regular corporate events, team pizza lunches and Friday company breakfasts
  • Competitive salary and benefits package that includes wide medical insurance, 20 vacation days, 10 sick leaves

skype: nina_ok

Nina Alexandrova

Telephone: 067-235-93-00

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