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Daxx Referral Program


Do you know the right person which 100% fits our open vacancies? Participate in our Referral Program!


Help your friends get new job at Daxx. Recommend them to us and get a referral fee from our end.

Referral fees vary depending on the particular vacancy. We state the referral bonus in the end of our job postings. You can also get in touch with one of our recruiters responsible for this vacancy to learn more about the size of a referral bonus and other details.


How It Works?

Daxx Referral Program

1. Get in touch with a responsible recruiter for this particular vacancy (you can see our responsible recruiters by clicking on the job description of the vacancy in the left corner).

2. Provide us with the following info: 

  • Full name of the professional you recommend.
  • Location: where this person is going to work?
  • Specialization: What kind of professionals are they?
  • Resume (not obligatory);
  • Contact details of the person you recommend (e-mail, phone, Skype).
  • Your Full name and contact details to make sure we know where to find you to pay you.

​3. Make sure the recommendation is accepted.

Recommendation is accepted if HR Managers of Daxx haven’t contacted the candidate during the 3 last months.

The recommendation expires if the recommended candidate wasn’t hired within 3 months since the date of recommendation.

4. Get Your Money.

Once your candidate is hired with us and passed trial period of 2 months, we'll pay you the referral fee.


Want to participate in our referral program? Check our open vacancies or contact us just now to provide us with the info of the people that may fit our vacancies!