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Leading IT Staffing company in the Netherlands

Daxx is a Dutch IT outstaffing company that provides remote developers for clients from Europe and the USA since 1999. The company also relocates Ukrainian IT Professionals to the Nethelands.

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IT Staffing Abroad

We staff our motivated experienced developers abroad to work with our client’s teams in The Netherlands, UK and Germany. Daxx organizes work permits, visa, housing, travel, health Insurance and pay rolling for our clients and developers abroad. We are experienced to relocate developers and their famillies for long and short terms.

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IT Staffing

Daxx provides its clients with dedicated development teams consisting of the best developers and talents of the Ukraine. To create an optimal communication and cross border team culture our teams and clients travel regular to visit and work with each other on location. 

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Modern offices across Europe

Our development centers are located in Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. With our experience of more than 10 years, the good IT education in those countries and our selection of the best developers we ensure high quality software and service for our customers.